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Because Republic recently posted that Short Codes are live!, 5 and 6 digit short code texts (except those for donations or purchases) should be working.   This page documents those that still have problems getting through.

When you find a short code that doesn't work, please report it to Republic in a support ticket, and then update this page to include it.   If you know that a code listed here is now working, please delete the entry for that organization.

If you receive a response to your short code send such as  "This campaign is not currently available through your service provider", that qualifies as a "not working" short code.

Do not enter 4-digit codes or those used for donations or purchases here.

To contribute, proceed as follows:

  1. Internet Explorer users - you'll need to use Chrome or Firefox as your web browser to edit this page.
  2. Click the down-arrow next to the Edit button up above, and then click "Classic editor".
  3. To add a row, right-click any row and then click on Row, followed by Insert Row Before or Insert Row After.   Insert new entries alphabetically by name To delete a row, right-click the row, click Row, then click Delete Rows.
  4. Record "No" in the "Send" column if the Messaging app informs you that the code wasn't sent, or the response is "not currently available", or when you can confirm via another means that your text was not received.  Record "No" in the "Receive" column if text messages aren't received, either as a reply to a successful send, or after signing up at a website.  
  5. This is a report of failures - "YES" does not appear here.  Leave the Send or Receive column blank when that function works or isn't used.  Delete the row if everything is working for that code.
  6. In the Edit Summary box at the upper right, type a couple words about your additions or changes and click the blue Publish button.

Do not use the Comment section here to talk about codes that don't work.  Discussions about short codes, whether working or not, should be posted in the Republic community.

Name Code Receive Send
noahg 50500 No
101.9 WPOR 77000 No No
QCountry 103.7 77000 No
105.1 The Buzz $1000 Drawing 72881 No
94.7 KNRK / Entercom Communications 44624 No
96.5 The Buzz / Entercom Radio 96500 No
98.7 Wink Country 77000 No
Ally Bank 2-Factor Authentication No
AMC Movie Theaters 242424 No No
American Express No
Apple 2-Factor Authentication No
Capital One "MOBILE" to 80101 No No
Chase Freedom 24273 No No

Chickfila O's Day

"Chicken" to 31826 No
Comcast 266278 No
Commerce Bank Fraud Alerts 66372 No No
Communicator! NXT emergency notification system 27538 No
Crisis Text Line 741741 No
Dickey's BBQ 65600 No 38383 No
Entercom Radio (response: This campaign is not currently available through your service provider) 72881 No
Eversource 23129 No
GoDaddy 2-step authentication No
Hilton College & Career 40404 No
KSHB-TV Channel 41 Kansas City, MO (response: This campaign is not currently available through your service provider) 47186 No
KSL Newsradio 57500 No

Local Government Federal Credit Union (response: This campaign is not currently available through your service provider)

627328 No
LSU Emergency Alert 67283 No
Lyft (App Confirmation) No
GMP (Green Mountain Power) 46788 No
Microsoft Account Verification No
Money Network 54104 No

My Prepaid Center alerts
(The Moto X rebate card)

PayPal 729725 No No
Planet Fitness NowWorkout contest entry 79488 No
PNC Bank alerts verification text No

Qdoba Restaurant Mailing List (response: This campaign is not currently available through your service provider)

50500 No
RAVE Campus Alerts 67283, 226787 No
Rover's Morning Glory 35192 No
Simplisafe No
Skype No
Starbucks 697289 No
Starbucks 811811
Text for Well Being Program 43186 No No
Walgreens No No
Walmart No
Walmart Pharmacy 63257 No No
Wells Fargo Bank 935557 No No
WSCR 670 The Score 67011 No
Yahoo 92466


Zions Bank 74423 No No

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