Republic Wireless may have some issues that are described in the The Complete List of Caveats, but the fair and balanced reporter must note that they've gone above and beyond the call of official duty on a regular basis.   For reasons that can't be fathomed, Republic doesn't want to go on record and take credit by making these things into policy.   But the items presented here are likely to be done if you ask, or even volunteered without your asking.

(Contributors: this is not a place for anecdotal reports or compliments to Republic based on your personal experience.  This is more a distillation of reports found in the Republic Wireless community forums.   To qualify for inclusion, Republic should have done something laudable on more than one occasion which goes above and beyond their contractual requirements.)

  • Extended Trial Period.   Officially a new phone comes with a 30 day trial period that allows for a refund (less the original $10 shipping charge) when returned within that period.  For various reasons, some find they need more time. Republic has now stated that those with extenuating circumstances can request additional time  to evaluate the phone and service.
  • Phone warranty service.   Per Republic's Terms of Service agreement, their warranty responsibility for phones is only 30 days.  However, Republic will provide replacement phones for warrantable failures during the entire Motorola warranty period, and recommends that members not seek warranty service from Motorola (see here and here).  Thanks to Republic's acting as proxy for Motorola on the warranty, some have reported that replacement phones were received the next day after their phone was confirmed defective.   Republic picks up the shipping costs both ways.
  • Damaged/Lost/Stolen phone replacements.  Once there's an inventory of good condition phones that have been returned during the trial period, Republic makes these "B-stock" phones available at reduced prices (DEFY XT noted:here and Moto X noted here).
  • Service suspension for members of the military.  Although on-demand temporary service suspension is common at other mobile phone companies, it's not a feature for Republic - yet.    However there is one example of this being done for a member of the military.  Although there is just one example, it's mentioned here because it seems that compliance with the law requires phone number retention at minimum, and it appears that Republic will comply with that if not more.

02:51, September 3, 2014 (UTC)