This page provides a comparison of phones that can currently be used with Republic Wireless with their Beta, 1.0, and 2.0 plans that use Sprint's network for cell service.  Check here for key stats and important features that are present or missing on each model.   Whether buying new or used, make sure the phone you're about to get has what you're expecting to avoid unhappy returns!

If you're hoping to bring one of the same model phones from another carrier to Republic, you won't be able to do that.  Only the models specifically manufactured and advertised for use with Republic Wireless can be activated.

Phone Names Legend:
XT:   Motorola Defy XT (CAUTION:  Defy XT phones can no longer be activated - those still in service will continue to work.)
X1:   Moto X 1st gen       X2:  Moto X 2nd gen
G1:   Moto G 1st gen      G3:  Moto G 3rd gen
E1:   Moto E 1st gen       E2:  Moto E 2nd gen

Phone (click for complete specs) XT X1 X2 G1 G3 E1 E2
Currently sold new
Latest Android version 2.3.7 5.1
(Note 1)
(Note 1)
(Note 1)
(Note 1)
(Note 1)
(Note 1)
Future Android updates expected
Screen size inches
Installed RAM GB 1 2 2 1 1 1 1

Memory / Available Memory GB
(See Note 2)

1 / 0.3
(Note 3)
16 / 11.9
32 / 27.9
16 / 10
32 / 26
8 / 4.9
16 / 12.9
8 / 4.5
16 / 11.8
4 / 2.2
(Note 4)
8 / 5
MicroSD memory card slot
Camera MP front / rear 0.3 / 5 2 / 10 2 / 13 1.3 / 5 5 / 13 - / 5 0.3 / 5
Rear camera focus
Rear camera flash
Notification indicator LED Display Display LED Display LED Display
Phone XT X1 X2 G1 G3 E1 E2
Dual band Wi-Fi & 802.11ac
Magnetometer (compass)
NFC (Tap to Pay)
4G-LTE data
Concurrent calls & 4G
FM radio receiver
Replaceable battery
Water resistance rating 7 7
Network required for activation Note 5 Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi

Republic features
(See Note 6)

Phone XT X1 X2 G1 G3 E1 E2

1. Android 5.1 has the guest mode feature disabled, due to incompatibilities with Republic's modifications.
2. Available memory is what remains after the operating system and bundled apps are added to the phone.
3. See this blog  for information on how to optimize internal memory on the Defy XT.
4. See this blog  for information on how to optimize internal memory on the Moto E 1st gen.
5. This phone may only be used if already activated.  Previously cancelled Defy XT's can no longer be activated.
6. These features are only available in phones added since the beta Defy XT: Group & Picture texts [MMS], Emoji & other language texts, E-mail to SMS text, Handoff calls Wi-Fi <-> Cell, Republic Refund Plans, Wi-Fi only ($5) plan, Basic ($10) Plan (no cell data), Visual Voicemail.

Last updated: 20:35, August 28, 2016 (UTC)

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